Tutorial- How to Change the Toilet Paper Roll

I am posting this today for all those brilliant kids out there. You know, the ones who can program any electronic device in your home. The ones teaching their parents how to use their phones, Youtube and PVR. So smart yet so, well I guess I will say lazy. I am sick and tired of going into the bathroom and never having toilet paper on the roll. Its not a big deal for me to change and my kids think I am a nag every time I mention it, but really they can change it themselves. Even once and I will be happy. 

I am going to post a step by step tutorial and when they do not change the roll, I will email it to them or maybe post it on their Facebook wall. Then they will get it. After all that would be technology, right?

How to change a toilet paper roll (bathroom tissue)

Step one
You see you have used the lst of the roll. There is another sitting close in the bathroom. Maybe in the cupboard, under the sink of in one of those handy roll holders like pictured below

Step 2
Remove the cardboard roll left from the old roll. This is EASY to do. You need to push the spring in sideways or if you are fancy you may have one that slides off easily 

I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you do not know the roll is empty and needs changing. After all it is full when you enter the bathroom. Here is what an empty roll looks like NOTE- see the exposed cardboard and no tissue

Step 3
Add the full roll to the holder after removing any packaging. Repeat as necessary. I personally do not have an over under preference but some do

Step 4
Share this post WHEN needed

Note*packaging is still good if not opened. Do not be afraid to open a new pack. It may look like this

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  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG! This is such a great post! I'm going to have to share this with my husband!!! We have this issue at our home too! 🙂

  2. Tales of a Hockey Wi says

    I love this and will be sharing via twitter! Hoorah for the instructions to this age old problem for anyone other than the mother of the house! Cheers!

  3. Oh my gosh..I love it. Not only should this be posted to children but HUSBANDS also.Like come on, you're not going anywhere why you're sitting on the john change the roll!!!!Thanks for posting..ha ha ha

  4. Sue Sueper says

    LOL that is so funny!!Why do so many people not just get it!

  5. OMG ROFL – will someone bring the fork lift to get me up off the floor?!?!

  6. Multi-Testing Mommy says

    That's AWESOME!

  7. My husband always changes the roll. *I* however, do not. So this was a good lesson for me. 😉

  8. Positively Pampered says

    Lol so funny,this happens in our house no matter which bathroom I go into. The one upstairs or downstairs it never fails that there is no paper on the roll, or just enough left to fool me into sitting down, but it's just a shred. lol those kids!

  9. Deborah Coombs says

    Love it. A very important topic needing to be addressed. Only I and the 6 year-old seem to be able to do this in my house. The 48yo and 16yo can really benefit from this tutorial

  10. Ah nothing like humour first thing in the morning.. Great post… 🙂 My TP is on a shelf, My cats unravel it…
    My recent post WW -Spring Has Sprung {linky}

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