Valentines Day- Purdy’s Chocolates

I love chocolate and I know many of you do. After all, my Twitter does say lover of chocolate. I prefer a fluffy milk chocolate without nuts. But I have been known to enjoy dark chocolates and other varieties. When we were at the ShesConnected conference, Purdy’s Chocolates was there too. I was very excited about this and I quickly found out I was in love with their Hedge Hogs. So when we went to catch our train home, we had to stop by their Union station store. A little something for me and some Halloween treats for the kids. 

Now with Valentines Day approaching, I am starting to get excited about some yummy chocolate treats again. My family knows I like chocolate, but they do too. when Purdy’s sent me the 10″ True Love Velvet Heart I was nice enough to wait for my family to arrive home before opening. Maybe that was not very smart of me. A big family can wipe out a box of treats in no time. I managed to save a few for hubs to have when he arrived home 🙂

This heart shaped box of chocolates is the perfect gift for a loved one this Valentines Day. The packaging is very pretty. Soft velvet cover with an antique style key. The box contained a huge variety of chocolates, bot dark and milk. I was thrilled to see 2 Hedge Hogs in the box.  For $29.95 this could be yours for that special someone. Quality chocolate, beautiful presentation and allover yummy. I would not be truthful if I said we saved any of this box for Valentines day. Looks like maybe we will be placing an order online for another box. This is a great feature to, if you are sending to someone that does not live near you. We are not close enough to a store to make the trip. Happy for online shopping. 

Checkout these great chocolates for yourself.

It was really hard to save some to share. They were all so good. 

About Purdy’s
from their site

Nestled in the lushness of Vancouver, British Columbia, a tradition sprang from the love of chocolate and the love of people. Richard Carmon Purdy opened his first chocolate shop in 1907 on Robson Street in Vancouver. His reputation for superb chocolates grew, earning him the respect of chocolate lovers throughout Vancouver. Since 1907, one thing has remained constant at Purdy’s — a commitment to quality and tradition. 
The Flavelle family, who has run Purdy’s Chocolates since 1963, has upheld the traditions of its founder and continues to demonstrate an unmatched passion for chocolate. Even today, Purdy’s insists on the highest of product quality.
Purdy’s Chocolates are made using only the finest ingredients from around the world including chocolate from Belgium, ginger from Australia, cashews from India, and dairy products delivered fresh daily from farms across Western Canada. Care is taken to ensure each batch of creams curls just right; nuts are roasted to perfection; caramel flavour bursts as it fills your mouth; and Hedgehogs have that silky, smooth texture that our customers have come to expect.
Voted by its employees as one of Canada’s 50 Best Employers in 2002, 2004, 2008, and 2009 Purdy’s prides itself as a company people want to be a part of. Each and every employee plays an integral role in the Purdy’s operation and is equally committed to creating a quality product.
Today, Purdy’s Chocolates, a Canadian owned and family operated business, is the largest chocolate retailer in Western Canada and the second largest in Canada, with 57 stores in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.


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