Goodbye aches and pains hello good night sleep

The last couple of weeks have been rough sleeping. I wake up often throughout the night. I have difficulty falling asleep once awake. I feel like I am tired all day long. I am also noticing aches and pains in my neck and back. Not to mention this headache I just can not shake.  

I have changed my pillows. I have changed my sleeping position. I have slept on my own and with my spouse. The only thing I could figure it to be is my mattress. Our mattress has seen better days. we have had it as the community bed full of kids. The dog bed since our puppy thinks he should be allowed to sleep with us. Our bed has been used for company, as a stepping stool to reach the light and  a video game hangout. 

I did some research online. As you all know I like to research everything. From what I have read. It is recommended that you change your mattress every 5- 7 years. Obviously you would need to consider wear and tear, cleanliness and other factors. So, if I am going to buy a new mattress I think I want bigger. I am past the days of needing to spoon. i want my space and I want to be comfortable. The big thing for me s to look at the cost of a mattress as an investment. an investment in my sleep and my health. If you divide the cost of a new mattress over the amount of years you will actually use it the price is very reasonable. A mattress like the popular Serta Mattresses works out to be around $100 a year. That is very little when you think about what you get out of it. 

When shopping for a mattress you need to test it out. Lie on it, make sure it fits you and your spouse. Is it too hard? Too soft? Many mattresses come with a warranty and a trial period. This is a great way to make sure it is the best mattress for you and your needs. If you already know what type of mattress you want, you can try shopping online at retailers like ShopNBC, where you can read customer reviews to help inform your decision.
I guess if I am going to go bigger I am going to need a new bed. I need to go check out some bedroom furniture now.
Here is to a well rested night 🙂


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