Really BAD, But Oh So Funny Valentines Day Gifts

I just HAD to post these hilarious gifts I saw on the web today. Obviously most people would not gift them to a loved one. Especially on Valentines Day. Some a gag gifts, some are just plain in bad taste. I personally find them to be funny. Would I want them for my gift? No! I once was given a gag gift for Valentines Day and I was NOT impressed. Lets just say the person giving the gag learned his lesson lol. 

Check out these and tell me what you think.

I guess some would find these cute

Do not give your lady this book. It will not turn out good for you .


The name alone would be enough to ruin the day
I think they need their space
Not my idea of a romantic dinner
Not the best idea

And lastly 

Chocolate covered roaches

What was the worst Valentines Day gift you received?


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