The Motorcycle Show in Pictures

Today we braved the winter storm that came in overnight and headed out to see the motorcycle show in London. It was my first time ever going to a show for bikes. I have been to boat shows and car shows, but never to a bike show. I was so happy with what I saw at this one, I plan on attending a few more this year. 

As you can imagine, there was a lot of bikes. There was a wide range of people there as well. Every age, clubs,and families too. There was lots of vendors, charities and lots and lots of leather. Below are some of the pics I took. 

Some of the bikes


These are some of the older bikes at the show

What is a bike show without leather? there was lots and lots of leather.

and not just your typical leather either. there was Ostrich and Alligator too. 

and some stuff I did not expect to see.

More bikes

and then 

I had a great time and hope to have the chance to attend more this year. Maybe bigger and with better weather. 

How did you spend your day?


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