Family Game Night- Taboo

Unplugging is not easy these days for any of us. We actually have to schedule time to be offline. the other night I was enjoying the company of my family. I looked around and realized all of them had their face in an electronic of some type. a game system, a phone, an iPad. Being online makes connecting easy but many times you forget the people you are in the same room with. I personally try to unplug most evening and weekends. This is family time for me. However it does not always work out that way. 

A few years back I decided a family game night would be great for us. I saw the commercials and heard my friends were all doing it. (sounds like high school again lol) We, weekly got together and ordered pizza. Sat down and played some fun, classic and sometimes electronic family games. We really enjoyed it.  In the last year we have not had family game night as often as I would like. Luckily for us Hasbro has sent me out some fun games to try out. This gave us the excuse to have game night again. One they sent out was Taboo.

About Taboo

The game of unspeakable fun-don’t say the TABOO words! Features more than 1,000 words to guess.
4 or More Players.
2 “AA” batteries required (not included).
Contents: 504 TABOO Cards, Card Holder, Buzzer, Timer, Scorepad.
Ages: Adult

I have older teens and they had friends over to play this game. we also enjoyed playing it with them one evening. like the description says it is not for children, They just would not be able to get the game. To win this game you need to be creative and fast. It is really a lot of fun. Great if you have a few friends over too. Sure beats playing cards 🙂

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