Relaxed Travel with Kids in Tow

Having a relaxing holiday while you have children in tow may seem impossible to some. I’m sure you have visions of your four year old disappearing in the airport, and the two year old screaming down the hotel corridor all night. While you can’t ensure that there will be no grumpy days while you’re away, there are a few things you can do to make the whole trip run smoother and leave you with far more happy memories than frustrated ones.

1. At the Airport: Trekking through an airport with little ones can be trying at the best of times. With long distances to walk and strict time limits to adhere to you want to make sure that you take full advantage of all that the airport and airline can do to make your trip a little bit smoother. Always remember that people are sympathetic to the plight of travelling with small kids and they want to help! Many airports offer a meet and assist service where they will meet you at the check in desk and help with the luggage and kids through security right to the gate. Just book in advance to ensure your space.

2. Accommodation: Packing your whole family into a double hotel room is far from a luxurious way to travel. You have no privacy, you’ll be tripping over bags, and you’ll be forced to whisper and tiptoe around from the time that the littlest goes to bed. A popular accommodation option for families travelling in the UK is staying in a self catering holiday cottage. Not only is the cost often even cheaper than a hotel but you can save big by making your own meals as well. One of the biggest challenges for kids on holiday is being pulled out of their routine and a self catering holiday cottage allows you to stick to a semblance of normality with sleeping and eating schedules. No matter the size of your travelling party there are cottages to suit your needs, from family sized large holiday cottages in the countryside to quaint secluded cabins.

3. Plan Ahead: You don’t want to end up trapped in your accommodation on an unexpected rainy day. Make sure that before you go you research the area and make a list of possible activities for all different weather conditions. Sharing some of these plans with the kids can also get them excited about the trip and give them something to look forward to. A perk of looking into activities in advance is that you can often save by booking tickets in advance online and avoid standing in long admission lines!

Travelling with kids is a great way to teach them about the world and is the best educational experience that you can offer them. Don’t be dissuaded from travelling because of potential complications, a bit of advanced planning can really help to make your holiday run smoothly and be an enjoyable experience for everyone.


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