What is a Ginger

When you Google “Define Ginger” this is what results


A hot fragrant spice made from the rhizome of a plant. It is chopped or powdered for cooking, preserved in syrup, or candied.
(chiefly of hair or fur) Of a light reddish-yellow color.
Flavor with ginger.

According to the Urban dictionary a Ginger is: 

A genetic disposition towards hair of a reddish color.

Redheads make up only 3% of the world population making them rare treasures. You could even say ‘limited edition!’

Some people view it as beautiful, some as quirky, some as gross. It’s a personal opinion.

Female ‘gingers’ tend to be exotic woman with a fiery temper and are rumored to have a three times as powerful sex drive.

Only a ‘ginger’ can call another ‘ginger’ “Ginger!”….the word is ours and ours alone. So if you care for your health you won’t call us ‘ginger’ unless your ‘ginger’ yourself!

Please be nice to ‘gingers’, they do have souls. If you didnt know already, they come from a ‘ginger’ plant….plants have souls….Im just saying!”

“That is not a nice word, but it is just used to refer to someone with red hair, freckles, and pale skin. I have red hair and I have been complemented on it my entire life. All of you idiots that think we have no souls are a little retarded. I will have to agree with the short temper part though. So be jealous of us but please keep it to yourself. Don’t call us gingers or you might get laughed at or punched in the face depending on our mood.
I have beautiful red hair, cute freckles, and pale skin. I love it and don’t care what anyone else thinks! The word “ginger” just isn’t a nice word.”

My thoughts
As a Ginger myself these definitions make me laugh out loud for real. In my books it is not one of those things you need to be a Ginger to be allowed to say. Ridiculous! I am proud to be a redhead. Proud to be a Ginger. I have been called “red”
many times over the years. Usually from an older generations. The younger has now embraced the term “Ginger” . To me it is not offensive. It is playful, fun and nothing else. I once received a phone call from my kids principal that there was an incident at school involving my son.. I was so concerned, panicky. I asked what happened. The principal replied that another student called him a Ginger. Are you kidding me? This was cause to call home? I think he was surprised at my reaction. However I can think of way worse things to be called than a Ginger. Heck, I am sure I have been called many names. I personally prefer the term. A Ginger is simply a word referring to someone with red hair. Plain and simple. 

What do you think about the word “Ginger”?


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