Get off your Butt and Find Your own Contacts!

I am writing this post for all those bloggers out there who wish they had a great lead. Wish they had that one opportunity that they saw on someones else’s blog. They wish that they had it so badly, it was just handed over to them like they deserved it or were entitled to it. not even ever talking to the company before. Not even considering this opportunity until they saw another blogger talking about it. This post is for you. Before you close the page and think I am being a bitch, read on. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a nice blogger. I am a nice person. I am online the way I am in real life. I share leads, pass along contacts and generally am an open book. But I would not be the Ranting Ginger if I did not speak my mind once in a while. 
Many people think us bloggers just sit around playing on our laptops and tweet all day. They think companies just find us and send us products. Even some companies think of this as “free” product. Well if you work for it, is it free? Lets define work


Activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result


Be engaged in physical or mental activity in order to achieve a purpose or result, esp. in one’s job; do work.


noun. job – labor – business – labour – occupation – employment

verb. operate – labor – function – labour – run – go – make

I am pretty sure being a blogger is work. So bloggers like myself do the following almost daily. Just like a 9-5 job. Now other bloggers should know this. They should know the time and effort put in for quality contacts. Big opportunities, sponsorships.

  • build their following
  • connect and promote themselves and the companies they work with on social media (twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc)
  • send emails, pitches, follow ups
  • connect by phone, video chat and conference call
  • research products, companies
  • test and review items
  • write reviews, posts, tutorials and more
  • book keeping
  • deal with shipping. postage, courier etc for items received and sometimes sent
  • build their brand
  • much much more

All of this takes time. Building a relationship with a company takes time. Negotiating for a product review takes time. The bigger the item you are reviewing or promoting the longer negotiations will take. All the details need to be laid out and agreed upon. The proper people need to sign off on it. I have worked on a few promotions that took months of going back and forth before getting the final approval. 

So answer me this. Why would I give YOU my contact info after I did all of this work??? And most importantly, why would I recommend you? I do not even know you. (or maybe I do and that alone is reason for me not to pass your name along lol)

Maybe YOU should get off your butt and do your own research. Make your own connections and send your own emails. Ma
ybe you can put in some serious time and work to get the final product for yourself. Take time away form your empty day and actually work for what you want. 

If you do this, then when you announce you got a great opportunity, people can honestly be happy for you. When you see others get those opportunities, maybe you will be genuinely happy for them. There is nothing that takes the winds out of someones sails more than another blogger asking “How did YOU get that?” “Hey, I want that, send them my info too”. “Why would they choose YOU?” To me, all that does is put you way 

down on my sharing list. You will be the last person I throw a bone to. I was chosen because I reached out to them. The other blogger was chosen because they made a connection. 

I know I am not the only one frustrated, sick and tired of these “what about me” bloggers. The nice thing about having a blog is it is yours. Your personality. Your audience. In return you should post content and products that reflects that. I do not want my blog to look like yours. I am  a mom, but I do not consider myself to be a “mommy blogger”. I like having readers unique to me. I like having products and connections unique to my blog and readership. I like having my own niche market, or theme.

If you are looking to connect with companies and brands I suggest you do the following.

  • Be active on social media. Reach out to companies. Talk, connect, respond.
  • Send an email. Find a company you are interested in working with, Send them an email. Chances are if you do not get a hold of the right person they will forward you to them.
  • Follow up. Reply and respond to leads and emails in YOUR inbox. 
  • Build your own blogging and social media resume. The more you do and the more companies you work with, with open doors to other opportunities
  • Join blogging communities where anything that CAN be shared is
  • Give back. Don’t always be a taker. After all what goes around comes around
  • All else fails…Google it! you would be surprised what a quick search turned up for you and your blog

NOTE: I am not referring to NEW bloggers asking where to start. I am NOT referring to bloggers asking for contacts to blogger outreach campaigns, known blogger friendly companies or posted online campaigns.

I truly wish you takers all the best opportunities in the world. I hope you get exactly what you deserve. Most of all I hope you get out of blogging, what you put into it. Not any more. Not any less.


Special note- Gingermommy gives back. I am a moderator at various blogging forums and groups. I often help bloggers connect with companies. I welcome questions from both new and seasoned bloggers. However I have become more cautioned over time. If I give, give and give without anything in return. You will be cut off and cut out.



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