Marvel Avengers from Hasbro

Opening worldwide May 3, 2012 Marvels the Avengers hits the big screen. Staring the favourtie Marvel characters form the last few years;Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America. As well as introducing some new to the big screen characters like Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury. Hasbro has introduced a great line of toys to allow your children to collect, play and imagine. 

My children love the Marvel super heroes. When our box arrived they could not wait to open it and discover the great toys inside. The box itself was really mysterious and set the mood for fun and adventure. 

The box was amazing. one of those things a collector would have drooled over. the top layer contained 4 figurines. One for each of the Avenger characters. These figures are 3.75 inches. Aprox retail price of $9.99 and geared for ages 4+.Each figure sold separately and available now in stores everywhere. 

The bottom layer of the box contained larger toys. Including a few for role playing. 

Inside the bottom layer we found a Marvel the Avengers ultimate heroes Iron Man figure. This one is bigger than the others (10 inches) and valued at $24.99. This too is good for ages 4+. The Marvel Avengers Iron Man Tri-Powered Repulsor Ages 5+valued $22.99) my twelve year old really enjoyed playing with this over the weekend.  He strapped it to his wrist and shot at various targets around the yard. Also inside the box was Marvel the Avengers Hulk Gamma Smash Fists. I was surprised that my preschool daughter was drawn to these. The age says 5+ but she really loved wearing them. She kept repeating “Hulk Smash” all weekend. it was pretty cute! Lastly we also received a Thor Marvel the Avengers Hero Mask. These masks are really well priced at $10.99. You can also find the Captain America mask and Iron Man. I think they would be great gifts for any child who loves to dress up and use their imagination. Very cool toys!

Hasbro has many other toys to celebrate the release of The Avengers. You can find them at toy stores across the country.  I have a feeling these toys are going to be an even bigger hit once the kids see the movie. 
You can check out all the latest news and entertainment from Marvel and Hasbro yourself. 

Which Avengers character is your fave?


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