Marvel Tees for your Dog from Petsmart

PetSmart recently launched the new Marvel pet apparel and toy collection that will enable pets around the world to Boom! Bang! Pow! their way to super-powered play time.

Super heroes are taking over. Everywhere you look there are movies, books, toys and now T shirts for your dog. I have never been one to dress my pets up, but I could not resist when I saw these brightly coloured T’s. my older dogs were not going to be happy with me putting on a Tshirt so I ordered two for my pup. He is a 7 month old Black Lab and he is so nice and well behaved I knew he would be game.

There is a big selection of shirts to choose from. Here are some;

  • Marvel Iron Man Tee
  • Marvel Avengers Tee
  • Marvel Wolverine Tee
  • Marvel Fantastic Four Tee
  • Marvel Hulk Tee
  • Marvel Captain America/Shield Tee
  • Thor, Spiderman, X Men and more as well as a variety of Marvel toys, bandannas and balls

Regular price $1 each now available for $10. I put both shirts on Earl, my pup. He was funny. He did not mind them on at all. my older dog suddenly wanted to play around a bit with him. I found both to fit a bit different. I ordered XL, so not good sizes for bigger dogs. Perfect for puppies and small to medium breed dogs. the shirts are stretchy and very bright. The front paws of the dog go in the arm holes and the head through the neck. I found it to slide on and off fairly easily. 

Avengers Tee

From their site
Product Contents:


  • 65% Cotton
  • 35% Polyester


Washing Instructions:

Machine wash in cold water.


Item is not meant for long-term wear. Pet Parent supervision is advised when using this product. Available in X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-large sizes. See menu selection for sizes in stock and available online.

Incredible Hulk tee


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