Matalan- Fashion Clothes for the Family

It is that time of year again. The time when us women go and try on last years summer clothes just to see they either do not fit or are totally out of style. I admit I am not much of a style queen. I have a few pieces still from years ago. My comfy must have items I like to call them. However as I get older I enjoy buying myself clothes. A few new nice pieces every season really makes a difference in a wardrobe if you ask me. 

Adding a little colour for the summer months is a must as well. The best way to show off the healthy summer glow is with a colourful wardrobe. I like light colours and light materials best. Breezy and cool, just like me 🙂

Matalan’s has fashionable clothing for every member of your family. A real one stop shopping experience. For myself, I found a huge selection of summer dresses. I was happy to see they carried the styles I liked in many different sizes as well. I personally like the Chiffon Tiered Maxi. It is reasonably priced and available in sizes 8-20. This dress can be worn on the beach or at a club. You can dress it up or down as much as you want, to make it perfect. I love the colour. It would be perfect with my red hair. 

A few of these kind of dresses and a pair of shorts is all I need for my new summer additions. Oh, and may be some cute sandals. I guess if I am looking to add to my wardrobe, I should also get myself some new underwear. Nothing expensive, cheap underwear including bras works for me as long as they are comfy. I always forget to buy them when out, even though they are a must have item, but Matalan has a great range of well-made cheap underwear of many different styles.

As you can imagine, I am not the only one needing new clothing in my family. My preschooler is growing so quickly. It seems that we are needing to top up her closet with new clothes every few months. She has grown out of last years clothing already. I just found her some really adorable summer dresses and a one piece playsuit. It is hard when I shop for my kids clothes. Everything is so cute and so well priced. I found an item for my daughter I have not seen anywhere else. The Photo Stripe Cape is 100% Polyester and machine washable.. My daughter will love it and I think it is perfect for cool summer evenings. Have a look for yourself. Is it not the cutest?

I am going to checkout their mens line now. My teenage son could really use some new shorts and shirts. If you are interested in shopping Matalan, you can shop in store or online. As well they have a reward card with exclusive offers and member benefits.
Happy shopping!


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