SHUR-LINE Paint Pack

Painting is one of the top do-it-yourself projects in Canada – it’s inexpensive, making it ideal for budget-minded families, and fairly easy.  But challenges related to ceilings and high spots on walls, trim around windows and doors and the difficulty of cleaning up all conspire to make a fun project painful.
SHUR-LINE makes painting easy with products like their Easy Reach Pole, Easy Release Frame and their Edge Like a Pro trimmer.

We are working on renovating an old house. this means lots of old wall paper needs to come down. layers of yucky old paint and even paneling. Once all of this is cleared away we will be repainting every room. Each one of the kids wants their own colours and are even willing to help. This package arrived on my doorstep just in time.
I knew this was a great product when my husband , a handyman saw the SHUR-LINE Easy to Reach pole. He picked it up and said that it was really good quality. Not cheap and very sturdy. Myself I could see and feel the quality in these products, but for him to say it, I was happy. The last thing you want is for a pole to break mid-paint, right? The SHUR-LINE kit I recieved included;

  • SHUR-LINE Easy Reach Pole
  • SHUR-LINE Easy Release Roller Frame
  • SHUR-LINE Edge Like a Pro Edger
  • 3 SHUR-LINE Roller covers

Total value is just over $50

SHUR-LINE Easy Reach Pole
To help reach awkward and inconvenient areas, SHUR-LINE has produced the Easy Reach®
pole. While painting, a simple click of a button allows for easy adjustment of the length of the
pole – up to double its length – from 30” to 60”. After clicking the button, simply pull the handle
in one direction to extend the pole an equal amount in the other direction and it adjusts and
locks into place at various lengths.

The Easy Reach® pole has a universal threaded tip that fits multiple accessory attachments.
The soft foam handle provides added comfort and includes a built-in notch to hang the pole up
for easy storage.

This pole will make reaching those high spots even easier no ladder needed. I love that it extends to multiple lengths just by pushing a button. The end where the frame attaches is very thick and heavy duty as well. 

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