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Since my recent post Get off your Butt and Find Your own Contacts I have had an overflow of emails and messages. More than what you see on the post. Most were positive. A few were strange lol. Either way I am happy to share and help out, The post itself was mainly directed to those takers out there. I know it is hard to get started. You do not know where to begin. Where to turn for help. Who is blogger friendly or even what bloggers are friendly. There are a few great sites and forums on the web. Not only can bloggers find companies and campaigns open to them in these forums, but also find advice, support and more. 

If you want to be a Review & Giveaway blogger I highly recommend installing Google Analytics on your blog. Reps often ask for your stats and I find this to be most accurate. Be active on social media as well. My friend recently wrote a post and I think it is a must read for anyone wanting to start a blog-How to Start your own Blog…
Once you have your blog you need to pound the pavement. Find your theme and approach companies that you feel will be a good fit. Below are a few sites/forums many bloggers have felt are helpful. You need to register to each and they all have their own requirements. so read the fine print.
Places for Bloggers to connect and grow

  • They post review and giveaways. Requirements needed for each. The site itself has posting requirements as well. 
  • Pitch it to me It use to be required you needed to have a blog 3 months old to apply. They require members to be active. You can find contacts, support and more on this helpful forum
  • The Brand buzz Network similar to the one above. No restrictions that I know of to join
  • Shes Connected – sign up and fill out your profile. They often post brand ambassadorships 
  • Social Fabric – Shopportunities for both Canadian and American bloggers
  • Mom Central and Mom Central Canada Connecting mom and brands
  • Influential Media   Connecting bloggers with brands through campaigns
  • Brandfluential – connecting bloggers with brands. If in Canada see top right corner
  • Reliable Bloggers- Already blogging, but need to find the right connection? Check them out.

There are many more groups and forums for established and new bloggers. I think this list should get you moving in the right direction. I highly recommend Twitter as well for making connections and building relationships with companies. Each and every blogger is unique and should find their own groove. If you are unsure of something, just ask. 

Got one you think should be added to the list? Let us know about it below.

Happy Blogging!


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