Tints of Nature Hair Colour

No I have not dyed my hair. I thought about it. I do have some grey I would like to cover up. However i did not. I got a box of permanent red and a box of black sent out to review. I figured I would try the red and even out my colour and my teen daughter could use the black. She had dyed her hair a few times and she needed to go back to basics. Well I guess I did not listen clearly when she told me what she was going to do. She ended up using my red. Having dark back hair, it does not look drastic. It is more of a red shine under the light.

I have never been a fan of my teen dying her hair. However this time was not so bad. I could not even smell the dye as she was using it. She did it all by herself, so it was super easy to use. The colour looks more like a natural highlight on her and that is okay with me 🙂 She is happy with it (for now, she never stays the same colour for long) . 

From their site
Tints of Nature Permanent Hair Colours are salon-quality products that have been specifically formulated to maximise the use of gentle, natural ingredients, whilst minimising the necessity for harsh or damaging chemicals.
Tints of Nature permanent hair colour is ammonia, resorcinol and paraben free, with the lowest possible percentage of PPDs. Using certified organic extracts, it is one of the kindest ways to colour hair effectively, including grey.

I still have another box of red sitting here. If this grey does not slow down, I think I will be cracking it open. I will still be red, just not with the grey 🙂  Tints of Nature is not a huge colour change it only lightens your hair by one shade. This is thanks to the natural methods used. If you are up for a change you may want to check this out for yourself. I am loving the fact that we did not need to air out the house while using. The products are NOT tested on animals either. There was no staining on skin either. Overall we were happy with the results. 


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