Toy Story 3 Classic Alien Costume

Do you have a little actor in the house? I do! He may only be 3 and a half, but he has at least 4 to 5 role play sessions a day. A typical day might go like this… In the morning he is a super hero with his muscle suit and a long red cape, ready to rescue his stuffed dog from falling off the edge of the mountain (aka bed). Then, after breakfast, he is dressed with a big black hat, vest, and sword, and he is sailing the seven seas in his pirate ship (aka sofa cushion) trying to fend off the sharks and reach his treasure chest surrounded by lava on a desert island. By mid afternoon, he is ready to defend his castle from the evil dragon, wearing a very strong plastic suit of armour, shield, and sword. When he’s ready to rustle up some grub, he’s on his trusty horse with a cowboy hat and vest, lassoing his supper. Then in the evening, he’s turned into the local hero of the house, putting out fires with his yellow fireman hat and red shiny coat. (Whew, even I’m tired out now!)
When I was given the opportunity to receive a new costume for my little guy from Anytime Costumes, I was absolutely delighted to say the least. Their selection of costumes for boys is phenomenal! At Anytime Costumes, they have tons of superhero costumes, pirate costumes, knight costumes, Disney costumes, occupation costumes, and movie costumes. That’s just a selection of some of them. If you can think of a costume, then they will have it!
After looking at their extensive costume catalogue, we finally chose the Boys Classic Toy Story 3 Alien Costume. They shipped it out quickly, and we received it within a few days. On first impression, I was very impressed with the high quality and vibrant colours of this Disney costume. My little boy was so excited to try on his new costume, and it immediately became one of his most favourite costumes to wear. Now at some point during the day he can become a martian spaceman, whizzing around the universe with Buzz Lightyear and landing his spaceship on a newly discovered planet (aka sofa cushion). Mmmm, so what costume should we pick out next……..



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