CAPTIVA Swimsuits for All body Shapes/Sizes

Shopping for a swimsuit was something I was dreading for the last few years. My body has changed a lot over the last decade. Having children does that, I guess. I remember last year when I took my kids to the pool we saw some really trendy fashionable ladies wearing swimsuits down at the pool. The looked fabulous. They inspired me to find something for myself. 

Luckily I found the perfect swim suit for this summer.

CAPTIVA has an amazing selection of Swimsuits for every body size and shape. You can mix and match tops and bottoms to enhance or compliment your features as needed. They have fun patterns, bright colours and lots of support. 
I had the opportunity to receive a swimsuit of my choice. I chose Palm Beach Halter Tankini w/side string along with the coast bottoms. 

I like the support in the chest of the Tankini. The built in bra really holds everything where it needs to be. The Tankini does not slide up , so I was happy about that. The bottoms have a nice cut. I think the pattern and colour are fab. I would have preferred some more tummy control, kind of like the support up top. But overall it is a great suit. Now to find a funky wrap to go with it.
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