How YOU Can Help Canada’s Missing Children

We have all seen the missing kids news reports. The sad news coming through our television and radio. If you are like me, your heart stops and you ask yourself what can YOU do to help? After all, every second counts when  a child is missing. I have decided to take action and put my social media sites and reach to action.


When you agree to donate your network you are allowing Missing Children Society of Canada to auto-post missing children alerts to your network for your followers, fans and friends to view. 

Rest assured that we will post only the most time sensitive cases – no more than four or five times a year. You can unlink your networks at any time.
You can set your network by province or cover nationwide alerts. Since I am a blogger and I have a nationwide audience, I chose that option.
The first hours after a child goes missing are crucial – so we need to let as many people know as possible. Please donate your social network so we can get all of Canada involved and create the first ever online search party.
This is not a sponsored or compensated post. I wanted to share with you all to give you the chance to donate your social media sites to a great cause. Imagine if your child went missing. I know I would want as many eyes and networks looking as possible.
 Join today and lets keep Canada’s Children safe 


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