Ivory Canada- Take back simple moments

Ivory Encourages Canadians To Take Back Simple Moments!

Did you know that over 40 per cent of Canadians lack time in their lives to enjoy what’s most important to them?  To celebrate the relaunch of the Ivory brand in Canada, Ivory Canada surveyed Canadians asking them which tasks make their lives the most complicated and here’s what they said:
  • Financial management/budgeting (44 per cent)
  • Household chores (41 per cent)
  • Preparing meals (28 per cent)
To me, Ivory stands for all things pure, clean and simple, and wants Canadians to make time for what they want to do, not just what they have to do.  This means making time each day to enjoy what’s most important, whether it’s reading a book, getting home in time to put your kids to bed, or enjoying a meal with friends.

Life gets busy. It is easy to forget to take time out for yourself and your family. Setting time aside works for some. Getting back to basics for many is a great way to start.
Life can easily get cluttered with never-ending professional commitments, household chores and everything in between.  Ivory stands for all things pure, clean and simple, and wants Canadians to make time for what they want to do, not just what they have to do. Life coach, author and yoga instructor, France Hutchison, has the follow tips to help Canadians take back simple moments:

1. Take a moment this week to celebrate with your children, your spouse, and most importantly, have fun!: We often wait for a special occasion to get together and celebrate. Take a moment to celebrate your successes and enjoyable moments, and to thank the people around you who have a positive impact on your life.  See how your tension and minor worries disappear.
2. Give a hug to your friends and family: To love and feel appreciated makes our heart happy. A hug is productive when we hold the other person in our arms and our breathing is slow and deep. Practice your hugs while breathing deeply, you will notice a feeling of calm and happiness comes over you.
3. Take two minutes to dance, jump and move your body – every hour. A sedentary lifestyle makes our body and our mind sluggish.  Every hour, take the time to stand up, stretch and walk a little faster.  This will awaken the quality of your consciousness.
4. While washing your face with Ivory soap in the morning, smile and tell yourself that you feel wonderful and you are beautiful:A smile has a ripple effect.  A smile has a ripple effect. When you smile at people, it brightens their day as well as yours
5. Remove the word “no” from your vocabulary — say yes to three people today: Be receptive to positive vibes; say yes to three people today. For example, because of your job you have been putting off lunch with a close friend, say yes to lunch today.  Take a moment to read your favourite novel, say yes when your child asks you to play ball.  Take 30 minutes to savour the pleasure of sharing a moment with a loved one. Say YES!
Ivory Canada wants YOU to take back the simple things. They have a wonderful bundle of products for just that. Me time! I received four body washes and a pack of bar soap. Simple, clean and fresh.  Simply Ivory and Aloe, body washes in Lavender, Aloe, Waterlily and Simply Ivory plus Simply Ivory hand soap. the Aloe is my favourite. Ivory is one of the brands I have had in my life since I was a baby. I have trusted it on my children over the years. It is wonderful to see them re-inventing themselves with these fabulous body washes. 
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