NERF Get Soaked

Boy we have had a warm spring here. My boys are really getting into the summer mood with all this warm weather we have been having. Nothing says summer fun like a good supersoaker match
We received three NERF Supersoaker water guns from Hasbro. Immediately my youngest decided who got what. She took the smaller Electrostorm for herself and gave her brothers the other two. They went outside and had a fun soaking match and everyone, including myself got wet. These water pistols are so much fun.

The really cool thing about these NERF Super Soakers is they interchange and mix and match. You can take the water hold from one and add it to the other. Swap the shields and create really fun, super Super soakers. hours and hours of fun are to be had from these.

I remember having a Super Soaker when I was a kid. These ones are bigger, hold more water and shoot even farther. My kids could not wait to show these off to their friends. they are going to have lots of fun this summer with these and their friends. The kids love the Tornado Strike as it has a reach of 20 feet. And when you shoot it, the water creates a tunnel and will spry s a complete circle on the surface you shoot. 
Check out Hasbro NERF for yourself and GET SOAKED

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