Thank you Justin Bieber You really do ROCK!

We have all saw the newspapers when Justin Bieber donated to the local food banks at Christmas. I remember saying it was truly amazing. We all know the effects one of his tweets can have on a charity. We have seen the power of celebrities before. This is the first time I have truly felt touched by one. Even though I am not want you call a fan, I am. I am a fan of Justin Bieber as a person. He truly is a wonderful human being. I am so proud to have him as a fellow Canadian.

If you told me I would have been brought to tears about something a celebrity did, I would have called you nuts. That is until today. I was going through my twitter stream this morning and some how I came across a local news tweet. The tweet instantly made me cry.  You see, I was a teen mom. Many many years ago, I faced the challenges of being a pregnant teen. Attending school and raising my baby alone.  I could not have done it successfully had it not been for the support I received from The Salvation Army Bethesda centre in London

I want to thank Justin for remembering his roots and giving teen moms the chance I had. I tried to attend normal school but could not.  I was always sick, missed lots of classes. Just like many pregnant moms, I was hungry at weird times too. I remember sitting in my principals office when he told me of Bethesda. he told me I could graduate high school. Complete my credits. I would be provided bus tickets for transportation. Given meals, offered support and more. He did not tell me of the love and friendships that I would develop. As a student at Bethesda we were required to take a parenting class. this was vital. I could not imagine my life or my outcome had it not been for Bethesda house. I gained credits, parenting skills and friendships. The teaching staff there were wonderful. The Salvation Army people in the centre were truly amazing. I always vowed if I could ever do anything to help them I would. I had hoped to win the lottery and donate, but that has not happened. All I can do is spread the word of what Justin Bieber is doing and how YOU can help The Salvation Army Bethesda centre
About Bethesda
from their site
“The Bethesda Centre offers accommodation, counseling and support to teenage girls during their pregnancy and after the birth of their babies. The Bethesda Centre also encompasses a Second Stage Independent Living program for parenting teenagers and the Cantara Childcare and Parenting Resource Centre.

We need to raise $1.5 million by May 31 to keep this vital service available in our community.
We can accept donations from non-Canadian sources, but only Canadian donors will receive a tax receipt. All donations will be processed in Canadian dollars, and if refunds are required these will be based on the currency rate at the date of refund not the date of donation.”
I did not live at the Bethesda Centre, I just went to school there. At the time I was there, there were a few pregnant teens who were living there. I can not imagine where they would have been without the centre. Many of the girls had no where else to turn. This support system is really important to the community and the teens who need it. I hope they reach their goal.
Justin Bieber is donating a portion of the sales form his new song to the centre. you can read the London Free Press article here If you are a fan or your child is a fan, please download Turn to You on iTunes to help save Bethesda House. After today, I believe! Thank you Justin for helping our community.

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