Bedtime is better with Happy Nappers

Natalie’s review 

My little three year old loves his sleeping pals.  He invariably will surround himself with 3 or 4 stuffed animals before he listens to his bedtime stories.  Then each one will have to be hugged, and cuddled, before being put to bed beside him.  So, I was interested to see how he would react when he was introduced to his very own Happy Napper Dog. 
I placed the “Doghouse” pillow in front of him, and said “Look, a nice comfy doghouse, and hey what’s this?” and I pointed to the “doorbell”.  “Why don’t you try ringing that doorbell?”  He had a puzzled look on his face, so I grabbed his finger and pushed it into the doorbell.  All of a sudden the pillow came to life!  It started woof snoring (yes really it’s true), and then it sounded like something woke up woofing.  My little guy started giggling.  I said  “Do you want to see who is inside?”, and he nodded excitedly with a smirk on his face.  I unzipped the doghouse door, and out popped a big soft fluffy Dog! 
My little boy then had the most delighted and amused look on his face.  He had a new pal to hug and sleep with at night!  He just loves pressing the door bell over and over again to hear the dog snoring and waking up.  I love the fact that the Happy Napper is fully reversible, and becomes a stand alone pillow that my son can use to sleep on day or night, and in the car.  Also, there is something about fully reversible toys that make them so appealing to children.  They just love switching back and forth between the pillow and the animal. 
I think that at $14.99, this is an amazing price for an extremely well made, reversible pillow/toy.  In addition, to make it an even more incredible deal, a portion of the Happy Nappers proceeds is given to the Home Sweet Home Fund, which benefits the Children’s Brain Tumour Foundation.  Overall, a win-win play pillow for me.

Order your today at Happy Napper  There are six fun characters to choose from 


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