Children Gain Confidence in the Pool with Swimtrainer Classic

 Natalie’s review

One thing that I absolutely love about a hot, humid, summer day is hanging out in a cool, refreshing, splashy swimming pool with the kids. We don’t have a pool yet, but one of my best friends does, and the kids are always so excited when we receive an invite to come over to their pool. My two youngest boys do not know how to swim, so it is a bit of a juggling act between my husband and myself to look after each child while they are in the water. When I learned that there was a new product out there that I could use to help teach my children how to swim, I was intrigued, and hopeful that the Freds Swim Academy Swimtrainer Classic would be able to do just that. 

The Swimtrainer Classic is specifically intended for beginner swimmers, and I received the Swimtrainer Classic Red which is designed for babies and toddlers from 13 to 40 pounds, 3 months to 4 years. I thought that this would be perfect for me, since my skinny 3 year old is only 33 pounds, and my 11 month old is just 22 pounds. For this review, I mainly focused on using this Swimtrainer with my 3 year old. To be honest, it is a very tight fit on a 3 year old, and I would probably purchase the next size up (the Swimtrainer Classic Orange – 33 to 65 pounds, 2 – 6 years). Nonetheless, I squeezed my big little guy into the Swimtrainer, and once he was in the water he did not seem to mind the tight fit. The Swimtrainer Classic came with a very detailed instruction booklet that clearly explained how to use it. I right away concentrated on trying to get him to kick his legs like a “frog” to propel himself in the water. I also tried to get him to “swim” towards toys in the pool. Within an hour, he seemed to be getting the hang of it, and was happy to be playing swim and catch the water balloon in the water. Obviously, my son did not learn how to swim by the end of our day at the pool, however I felt that he was making great progress with his kicking and swimming strokes, and confidence in the water in general. 

I am sure that with a few more uses of the Swimtrainer Classic, we will soon be ready for him to try free swimming in the pool. I am also enthusiastically looking forward to trying my youngest son in the Swimtrainer Classic as well! Overall, I am completely thrilled with the safe and fun usefulness of the Freds Swim Academy Swimtrainer Classic, and think that it is a very unique and great value product for families of young children at just $24.90 from Thanks Mama.

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