License to Drive and all that Fun Stuff

In less than a month my oldest will be ready to take her road test and officially be a warrior of the road. well, maybe not so much a road warrior, but an independent young adult who does not require mom to drive her around anymore. I remember when I went for my road test. I was already a mom and it had been years since I had my learners permit. I took the driving classes and everything. I was a big bag of nerves. Because of my nerves i actually did not pass my first road test. I was devastated. I swore I was not going to try it again. After a day or so I decided it was worth another shot. When the “waiting” time was over to retest, I did. this time I was more relaxed and I passed. I am glad I did. I would not give up the independence of driving for anything.

I can not wait for my daughter to have this freedom. She has a part time job set up for the summer and another she is waiting to her back on. If I need to drive her to these jobs this summer, I will have no free time at all. Not to mention she is going to college in the Fall. that alone is a thirty minute drive one way for her daily. She NEEDS to be driving by then. Even if she decides to move closer, you can not beat having your own wheels. Since we are certain she will be driving by the end of the summer at the most, we have started looking into adding her to our insurance. I forget how many questions there are to answer when adding to insurance or starting a new policy. All these questions are important and I know they are just trying to get us the best coverage possible. after all, insurance is important and you want to make sure you, your loved ones and everyone else is covered properly.
Now we will just need to go over the rules of driving without mom and dad. you know, the fun ones like boys, no texting etc. Maybe her driving is not such a god idea?!?  Just kidding, it will be just fine.


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