College prep- insurance

As many of you know I have teens and toddlers. Well maybe not toddlers anymore, preschoolers. This keeps us very busy as the kids all are going through different stages in life. The latest stage and milestone is my oldest is going off to college in September. Actually, she moves out in a few weeks so she is settled in time for the school year to begin.. The courses she is taking requires some safety courses that she needs to complete before school starts. She has recently found an apartment close to the school. The apartment is quite nice and very affordable. She will have two roommates and a cat to keep her company.  I would have liked her to have stayed home, but she insisted on the college experience. 

I am very excited for her leaving the nest and spreading her wings (some days). i am also a bit sad to see her go. She will learn her Independence and have the opportunity to experience life to the fullest. We have been helping her hook up utilities and get some furniture. Her one roomy has a car so they can get to groceries and appointment’s. They have been shopping for insurance for Canadians to get the best rate possible. 

Since my daughter has not had car insurance and her roommates have been under their parents, it has not been easy. They need a plan that is flexible and affordable. So far it looks like they may be stuck with the bus and walking. This is not so bad as the college supplies them all with bus passes. I know it will not be long until they get heir car on the road though.

I think our biggest concern for the time being will be school supplies. It is difficult to gt all that is needed ahead of time for college. None of us know what is required yet so we are just getting the basics. She will need to wait until the first week to get everything else. 

Did you live away from home when you went to school? How was it?


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