Home security with Infographic

Living in the country, I have always been concerned about break-ins. We luckily have never been the victim of one. However the concern is always there. After looking at the Infographic above I was surprised to see the basement window as the 4% likely source of an entry (much lower than almost every other entry). I actually would have thought it would have been the number 1 entry point for burglars. Quite often the basement windows are in a shadows area and not as visibe. With the front door being the highest, I can not help but wonder if people are forgetting to lock their doors. If they installed doorway alarms this number could have been a lot lower. Even when the alarm is not set, you can hear a bell when the door is opened.

Having an alarm system for your home is very important. Installing one should be a priority. There re many options available to you. The safety and security of your family and your possessions will give you peace of mind. Security systems are a small investment to keep your home safe. Along with alarms you can install security lighting. Visibility is very important to keep prowlers away from your home. If you have lighting installed your neighbours will be able to see your home from theirs and call for help if they spot someone trying to enter. 

Did any of the entry points on the infographic surprise you? 

Disclosure- This is a sponsored post, all opinions are honest and my own



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