Maplelea Girls

My daughter has a new friend and her name is Jenna 

Exactly what makes a young girl growing up in Canada, Canadian? Six-to-12-year-olds from Halifax to Winnipeg to Whitehorse now have a collection of beautifully detailed dolls to inspire national pride while learning the wonders of their country. Known as Canada’s Maplelea (may-pull-lee) Girls, the first six dolls of the series are ready to educate youngsters about Canada’s culture, heritage and geography.
Meet huggable and lovable Jenna, Taryn, Brianne, Léonie (lay-oh-nee), Saila (sigh-lah) and Alexi, 10-year-olds  (dolls) who hail from across our great country. Each doll stands 46 cm (about 18″) tall and has a soft body with arms and legs that can be posed. Their eyes open and close and their hair is a delight to comb and style.  Each doll retails for $99.99.

Having these dolls is like having a social studies lesson at home in a fun way. That’s the concept behind the collection. All of the Maplelea Girls arrive with a distinctive 64-page journal illustrated with doodles, photos and writings done by the doll character to tell about her life and the part of Canada she calls home. Canadian girls will discover fascinating locales within their own country.

When we were asked to Pick out a doll from the Maplelea collection I was sure my daughter was going to pick out one of the two blondes. after all, she has long curly blonde hair and I thought a doll that looked like her was the perfect fit. I was surprised she picked out Jenna, the Redhead (just like me). It was a nice surprise. Jenna arrived in a beautiful box with a big bright smile. My daughter fell in love. She has had many dolls before, but there was something about Jenna that she really liked. Jenna goes everywhere with us and we always get asked about her. 

The book (your doll’s journal) that comes with her is fabulous. Filled with stories, family pictures and information about Jenna’s home land, Nova Scotia.

As you can see, Jenna likes sports. It may have something to do with having so many brothers.

Jenna’s book has many real photographs in it. Showcasing Nova Scotia and filled with lots of fun information. Your child gets to learn about the province their doll is from in a fun and entertaining way.

The booklet also contains personal information about the doll. Her interests and hobbies, family and more. This allows your child to really get to know them and what a child in another province does for fun.

Jenna of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
When Jenna is on the go (which is always!) she likes to wear clothes that won’t hold her back. She can go anywhere in this three colour tshirt with Maplelea logo and comfortable fleece pants

The other dolls in the Maplelea collection are from 

  • Quebec
  • Nunavut
  • Ontario
  • Manitoba
  • Alberta

Each doll has additional accessories you can purchase for them. With each outfit you also get more pages for her journal. Your child will never get bored of her doll as new items are always being added. 

About Maplelea Dolls

In 2003, after a decade of research, Avonlea Traditions introduced the Maplelea Girls, a line of high quality, Canadian-themed, 18” vinyl play dolls, that are “an inspiration to and a reflection of, Canadian girls from coast to coast.”
In 2006 Avonlea Traditions sold its other major product lines—Anne of Green Gables dolls and giftware, RCMP dolls, and MapleNorth Dolls of Canada—to Northern Gifts Inc. in British Columbia, in order that it could focus exclusively on the Maplelea Girls.
span style=”background-color: white; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;”>The Maplelea Girls line has experienced rapid growth in recent years and offers an ever-increasing range of products specially designed for girls aged 6 to 12.

We find Jenna to be a beautiful high quality doll. Her story has educated our entire family and we really have had a lot fun learning with her. I can not wait to see which doll my daughter chooses next. 
You can order a free catalog and start your journey with a new friend today .
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