Raise a Ruckus by Hullabaloo

Not released until Sept 4th Raise a Ruckus was a big hit in Sharonne’s house. see here review below. 

Sharonne’s review

Calling all cowboys and cowgals, this is a CD for you.  Hullabaloo is a collection of music by Steve Denyes and Brendan Kremer. My girls told me the music reminded them of some of the country music they’ve heard in the past (e.g., Johnny Cash).

The music definitely has a great beat and many of the songs are catchy. The words are repeated often so they are easy for a child to repeat back and learn. When we played this CD outside the car the girls would automatically get up and dance to the music. Very catchy and danceable music.  I particularly loved the Dad song especially the line “d-a-d spelled backwards still spells dad”.  What an interesting spelling lesson into palindromes for kids.

All in all a great country music CD for kids. Indeed, we were going to the Experimental Farm in Ottawa and they asked me to put this music on.


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