Seniors- Get out! Get social! Get active! #sandgen

When we lived on the west coast it was very common to see a person in their 80’s if not older jogging, riding a bike or even hiking. People on the west coast love the mild temperatures and love the outdoors. Being active and having a healthy lifestyle is just a way of life for many out that way. I think it would be fabulous if the rest of the country had that positive active attitude. I know sometimes it is difficult to get out. Having friends, family or any kind of support system makes this lifestyle easier to obtain. No matter what your age there are activities for you to get involved in. Nobody expects you to run a marathon but a short walk is doable for most. Sometimes this can start with visiting a community center or a library. 

Once you meet like minded people you can arrange outings and get-togethers. If you or your loved ones live in a retirement community or home you will have lots of activities to choose from. If not it is important to find something that fits your interests. Other places that have activities for seniors are the YMCA, local senior centres, legions and even schools. Many offer volunteer opportunities, socialization, outings and or coffee times. Being active is important, but being social is as well. 

A few activities that are great for seniors are

  • Dining events
  • Musical entertainment shows
  • Game nights (bingo, cards, darts, bowling, shuffleboard, etc.)
  • Day trips
  • Workshops (computer, dance, sewing, quilting,  cooking, arts and crafts, scrap booking, flower arranging etc.)
  • Community skating
  • yoga, swimming, walking clubs
  • fishing
  • shopping trips
  • luncheons

What you choose to do will depend on your interests and your abilities. 

My mom still works but my dad is retired and often home alone. My parents have started to take part in a monthly pot luck and a weekly coffee party. They also play cards. I would love for my dad to get out more often. My mom has tried getting him to go for walks on the beach or with their dogs. Anything is better than him staying home alone. I try to get over there and get him up and out as well. 

Do you have a senior in your life/ What do they do to keep busy, social and or active?

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