The Amazing Spiderman toys from Hasbro

Does whatever a spider can…

Having two boys Spider-man has been in our home in one form or another for many years. We have seen all of the movies and played with most of the toys. I grew up watching the cartoons when I was a kid and was so excited to see him on the big screen. My family is looking forward to checking out the latest spider-man adventure with The Amazing Spider-man in theatres.  Maybe the drive in this weekend will be the place for us to see it as it is summer. 

Hasbro Canada sent us some toys out to get us excited about the movies release. Guess what? It worked. the Spider-man toys are the perfect companion for the movie and great for kids who love to role play. Some of the toys available are


For ages 4 and up.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Web Battlers Assortment

For ages 4 and up

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Spider Strike Battle Vehicle For ages 4 and up. this is my preschool daughters favourite toy. 

The webbed roof flips off with one push of the button. While Spider-man fits perfectly in the driver seat. 

We also received the hero mask and the Mega Blaster web shooter. Both are for children ages 5 and up. These allow the kids to pretend to be spider-man and save the day on their own. So much fun. No need to worry about your child being upset when the web can runs out, you can replace with water. 

My preschool getting in on all the excitement

You can find these and many more Spider-man toys from Hasbro at retailer near you. 



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