Top 5 Tips for Travelling with Kids

Since we are going away and my kids have never been on an airplane before, I have been looking at any tips I can find online for traveling with kids. The flight is just under three hours and my children range in age from 3-14. So I need to have a good range of ideas to keep them busy and comfortable. Most of my concern is for my youngest as she can not just put on an iPod and tune out like the older ones tend too. 

Below are five tips I have found that I thought were worth sharing. 

Tip #5 Have a plan– It is important to have a plan but be flexible. Plan out places to visit and places to eat according to your budget and location. It is great to have an idea of the places/attractions you want to visit. Be flexible as possible. When travelling with children you should expect delay and changes. As long as you have a rough idea of what you want to do, you will be ok. Purchase any tickets in advance if possible 

Tip #4 Bring entertainment– With children of all ages the excitement of travelling is a lot. At first they will be too excited to do much more than look out the window and ask when they will be arriving. But soon they will become bored. Make sure you have age appropriate games and books with you to entertain them during travel time. An iPad, iPod or smartphone loaded with apps is good for preschoolers as well. Small toys that are travel friendly (not noisy, packs easy etc) are good too. I have also packed some crayons and playing cards.

Tip #3 Be prepared– Bring sunscreen, medication including children’s pain medication, gravel etc.  The more you can bring, the less you need to buy. This gives you more time to enjoy your trip. Bring a variety of clothing in case of accidents or weather change.  Arrange shuttles and transporttion ahead of time. We have laundry service at our hotel, transortation and free breakfast. I think we are prepared.

Tip #2 Bring proper documentation– Make sure you have a passport, ID, consent letter if travelling without a parent as well as any health insurance documentation you may need. It is good to have more in case than leave home and forget some paperwork behind. Keep all documents in a safe and secure lace while travelling. Carry your travel itinerary as well.

Tip #1 relax– You are on vacation, relax. Travelling with children is unpredictable. Enjoy it. Breathe and take it all in. Go with the flow and all that other cliche stuff 🙂 You will be creating memories along the way. Try to enjoy it. Do not worry if an unexpected nap or weatehr pops up. It ill all be great. 

Do you travel with children? Share some of your tips with us.


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