A Dark Shopping Experience

We went across the boarder to go Back to School shopping yesterday. Some things are cheaper over in the USA but they also have unique items we can not get here. My  oldest son really is into brand name clothing and there were a few stores he wanted to check out. One in particular was Hollister Co.  I know they have Canadian locations, but none near us.

My son had seen a few comments online about the store being very dark inside. I guess some people do not like the lighting of the store and even video taped their shopping experience and posted on Youtube. So we really were not sure what to expect.
We found the store in the mall and almost walked right on by. The outside of the store did not have visible signs of posters or anything. It looked completely different from any other store front. My youngest son noticed some writing near the floor and realized the store was there.

Now inside was pretty much how we expected it. The store was dark and there were spot lights that had been covered displaying clothes. The store was so dark that I could not see the sizes on the clothes. My son wanted jeans and they were a great price ($20) But I only bought one. If it was easier to find sizes I would have gotten more. Even the young guy who worked there had a hard time seeing sizes because it was so dark. 

The theme of the store and the brand is beach. Maybe it is beach at night. I really do not understand why it needs to be so dark. I understand the surfboards and posters and clothes. But the darkness really was not my thing.

This is one of the many posters in the store that totally fits the theme.

This was outside the change rooms.

The prices of the clothes were not crazy. For the most part they were great. The quality fantastic, the staff, nice. I just wished there was a bit more lighting in the store.

Have you ever been to a Hollster Co. store?  What did you think?


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