Choosing where to live in Canada

As a Canadian I love this fabulous country of ours. I love the weather, the people and the sports. I love the fresh air, the wildlife and the city life. There really is not much about this country I do not love. After all, it is home. I have had the opportunity to live in three of our provinces over the years. Each was uniquely different but all equally wonderful in their own way. Each province I lived in, Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia had many residents from other countries living in them. These people have mostly now all immigrated to Canada and became citizens. All originated from many different locations across the world. 

I never questioned why they would choose Canada for their home. I just wondered how they would choose a province, or even a city to call home. Living here all my life I would not be able to narrow it down if I had to. Even now, I find myself looking at other provinces and wondering if life would be great elsewhere. I love change and variety after all. I have never traveled to Quebec or the East Coast so I have been looking that way a bit lately. 

I found a Montreal condo for sale that looks really great. It would be perfect for urban life if that was what you were after. Years ago I loved the city life and would not have traded it in for anything. Now living in the country we have gotten use to the slower pace of life. My oldest is very much like I was. She is moving to the city and dreams of other cities in Canada to move to when done school. Before moving I always like to visit the location and make sure it is the right fit for me. I wonder if people from other countries do this or if they just take a chance. It definitely is much easier now with internet to get a feel for an area before visiting. It makes life, travel and relocation much easier. 

For me I need to still consider what is best for my three children who are still at home. They enjoy a yard and having friends close by. Maybe when they are all grown up and starting their own families we will move back to the city. We can then enjoy everything urban life has to offer. Who knows, I may even be able to talk my husband into buying one of the Montreal condos for sale at that time. As long as he has somewhere he can park his motorcycle 🙂 

How did you choose where you live? Are you a country or city person?


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