#Disney -Day 1 Epcot

I am now fully back to normal after my 8 day trip to Orlando and Disney World. I traveled with three of my children. All alone in the big world (just kidding, it was a blast) I was nervous at first. My kids have never flew before. They were all excited and had no idea what to expect. We flew out of Detroit as it was way cheaper with less connections (actually no connections). The flight itself was just over two hours each way. When we arrived in Orlando it was already late and we had to get on a shuttle to get to our hotel. The hotel was located in Kissimmee very close to Old Town. By the time we checked in and got to our room, it was 10:30pm. The room was not in good shape, so we changed rooms. Not a fun way to start off a vacation. 

The next day we woke and enjoyed our free continental breakfast provided by the hotel. It consisted of, cereal, oatmeal, muffins, bagels, toast, yogurt, and juice and coffee. After we finished we boarded a shuttle that was free provided by the hotel (which means it was on a route and would soon become a pain) The shuttle left twice in the morning and arrived twice at night. This shuttle schedule made for a very long day. It was very crowded and often would pass us and come back an hour later with no notice if it was full. Next time we are renting a car or staying on site (Disney shuttles run every 20 minutes. So much easier and they have AC) 

Our shuttle dropped us off in Epcot’s parking lot and from there we would transfer by bus or monorail to get to the other Disney parks. I had visited Epcot as a child and really liked it. So we started our Disney adventure there. We picked up our 6 day park hopper passes and began to enjoy the park. 

My 3 1/2 year old daughter has not been in a stroller in ages, but I knew she would become tired quickly. So I rented a stroller for the day. The stroller was $15 for the day.(you get a discount if you rent for multiple days. You can also purchase a stroller for less than $60 at the park) The stroller was also great for holding drinks and other stuff while on rides. 

My kids had heard a lot about a ride called Soarin. A ride that takes you through many great places and simulates the feeling of being on a plane or glider. We went over and saw the wait time for this was 90 minutes in line. We then proceeded to the Fast pass and got a confirmed spot in line for a few hours later. The fast pass allowed us to enjoy the rest of the park at a pace that was good for us. When we returned to the ride it was a 5 minute walk in a separate line and we were on. All of my kids and I went on this. It was really fabulous. The effects really made it feel like we were flying. I think I even got butterflies in my tummy at  one point.

Epcot was a great place to visit for our family. It took us the entire day to see all we wanted there. We visited every attraction and walked through all of the countries. We ate lunch and dinner there as well. Since we were on a budget, we ate at their quick service restaurants. The price was comparable to a fast food restaurant. Often it was less than $35 for the 4 of us to eat. My youngest is not a big eater and shared meals with the rest of us. We also enjoyed smoothies while at the park and popcorn. It was really hot while we were there so we mapped out the shady route. Next time, I am visiting in the winter 🙂 

We loved Epcot so much that every day before going to wait for our shuttle back we would go back into the park and see a show or catch a ride. Epcot character visits were quick and line ups small compared to the other parks. Out of all the parks we had a chance to chat with and interact with the most characters there. As you can imagine, my youngest loved this. We also got to catch the nightly fireworks show while waiting for the shuttle back to the hotel. Epcot had lots of places to go in for AC out of the heat. Lots of cover from rain and so many water fountains and restrooms, I did not need to worry. I also loved their stroller parking that was clearly marked. We parked our stroller, went in a building or on a ride and it was there waiting when we came back. 

Below are some of our favourites from Epcot

Sum of all Thrills my boys designed their own roller coasters while dd and I waited in the AC. 

The Canadian pavilion felt like home. Not only did the buildings look and make it feel like we were in Ottawa or Vancouver, but the people working the area were all Canadian. Many students working while off for the summer.

Journey into Imagination with Figment was a look,listen,and even smelly experience. It was one we will always remember. This is where all the scientists form the past Disney shows test out their experiments. Figment is a fun loving character that takes over the tour and sends us on an adventure. He even sprayed us with a skunk smell lol 

As you can imagine, I have lots more to share and post. I will try to get up our day two tomorrow and once our days have all been posted I will get up any extra pics I have. My kids are science nuts so this park was perfect for them.

Have you been to Epcot? Do you have a favourite attraction?


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