#Disney Day 2-Magic Kingdom

I am convinced that this is the most popular park of them all. For our second day we decided to go to Magic Kingdom. We got off the shuttle in the Epcot parking lot and took the monorail to the Ticket and Transportation station where we transferred to Magic Kingdom. The moment we stepped off the monorail the magic began.

Every single person that worked for Disney referred to my daughter as “Princess” This made her very happy. As soon as you to Magic Kingdom you see the castle. You can see the castle from almost everywhere in the park. When we were kids and went I remember being able to walk through the bottom of the castle. Now there is a restaurant there and a stage where performances take place. So we did not go into the castle. DD was a bit sad, but the rest of the park made up for it. Magic Kingdom is the oldest of the parks in the Florida location. It really is awesome. Walking down Main street USA really made us feel like we were somewhere else. There was barbershop quartets singing in the street as well as other performers. We saw men dressed in old fashioned clothing selling balloons and you could not help but feel like you were in a simpler time. Main street is a great place to get all your shopping done too. I found Magic Kingdom did not have as much shade as the day before, so we spent a lot of time in the stores. I bought a few T shirts that were reasonably priced for souvenirs ($21 each)

My kids favourite rides were in Magic Kingdom. Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Haunted mansion and Space Mountain are a few of these. It was awesome to see they are expanding to the park as well. Looks like Snow White and Ariel will have their own rides there soon. I also saw a glimpse of another castle in the works. So exciting! Magic Kingdom had rides and attractions for all ages and heights. We actually ended up spending 2 whole days at this park and still did not see everything. The shows we saw were fantastic and the characters throughout the park were so energetic. There was various stages set up and a daily parade. My daughter also loved that there were tonnes of princesses ready to greet her throughout the park. Line ups were not that long either. Magic Kingdom has details like no other place I have been before. The bushes, hedges, street lights, signs and everything else you can imagine fit the theme perfectly.

It was awesome to see so many couple celebrating their honey moon there too. Magic Kingdom is a very big park but do not worry. You can hop on the train that goes all around the park and get to the other side quite quickly. I think out of all the parks, this one I was sad to leave. When we got our stroller for the day, I actually paid for 4 days in advance and got a discount.  Being a busier park the stroller parking was not as easy to access in spots like the day before but it was easy to find somewhere to park it.

Heading into te Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. Monster Inc no longer needs your screams for power, they now are using your laughs.

The audience can text their joke so it is included in the show. This stand up comedy act was so interactive and great fun.

I think I will be posting a few more pics form this fantastic park soon. I hope to make our Disney vacation a yearly event. It was wonderful creating memories with my children.

I wanted to add for meals we ate at the quick service restaurants here too. But my son did grab a Smoked Turkey leg from one of the carts set up in the park. It was around $9 and so big he could not finish the entire thing.

The park is full of these classic statues that add the perfect touches and opportunity for great photographs.

Have you been? If so what is your favourite memeory?



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