#Disney day 3- Disney Hollywood Studios

Day three we started a bit slow. We got up half an hour later went down to the free continental breakfast at our hotel and waited for the shuttle to Epcot. While waiting I was able to catch up on some email and check  my Facebook (only time I could get wifi) The shuttle ride to Epcot was quite quick. Being the middle of the week, less people were on it. When we got to Epcot we had only steps to the Shuttle/Bus provided by Disney to take us to Hollywood studios. I had been as a child with my family and was looking forward to getting there. The kids and I had a plan in place as well. We had checked out the map before and planned on hitting the Fast pass distribution up right away for the rides they wanted.

Up until this point I had thought the previous two parks we visited were our favourites .But this was so wonderful I was having a hard time picking which park I liked most. The streets were full of film crews, paparazzi, movie starts and Disney characters. It was all to add tot he feel and theme of being in Hollywood. The Mickey ears on the Water tower was the big focal point in this park as well as sorcerer Mickey’s Fantasia Hat.. The first ride we got a fast pass ticket for was Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster staring Aerosmith. We then proceeded to get  more fast pass tickets for Tower of Terror. Usually you need to wait before getting more tickets, but since dd and I were not going on either, we could get two from one and then two from the other for my two oldest kids. 

While at Disney Hollywood studios we caught the Muppet 3D show. I thought it was fabulous. the combination or animated characters, live characters, bubbles and 3D characters was amazing. My kids really enjoyed it. I also love that the shows are ongoing throughout the day. So when you are in line, you are being directed to different rooms that all have entertainment, tv screens or other details to occupy you and your children. The wait seems to go fast with these features. My youngest loved Phineas and Ferb meet and greet. She danced with them and loved it. We were not rushed at all either. 

While there we caught the back lot tour, the Indiana Jones stunt show and my kids were not disappointed at all with the thrill rides. I also found my oldest who was not with us, a Jack Skeleton shirt (that she loves) It was fantastic seeing the animation process behind the scenes and the prop studio and bone yard where we saw Herbie the Love bug. 


Everything in this park was in someway associated with a movie, a celebrity or a Hollywood experience. We spent the day and were able to see everything there. Including Planet Pizza for lunch (The restaurant from Toy Story). I had hoped to go back another day, but we ran out of time.
Other fun at the park included

Voyage of The Little Mermaid

Studio Backlot Tour (with video)

The Great Movie Ride
Muppet Vision 3D
Have you been to Disney Hollywood Studios? What movie would you like to see behind the scenes?


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