#Disney Day 4- Animal Kingdom

After three fun filled days of Disney World we decided to take a day off.  We slept in and grabbed breakfast at IHOP. My kids loved the variety of pancakes they offered. I loved the price 🙂 The hotel had laundry services for guests and I did a load of wash. After that we visited a few gift shops and hung around the hotel. I also had a nap. The next day we were fully energized and ready to continue our adventure. This day would be Animal Kingdom.

My boys had heard all about Expedition Everest and could not wait to go on it. This is the ride where yuo are on a high speed roller coaster trying to get away from the Yeti. My oldest loved this so much he even bought the pic of him and his brother screaming on the ride (pics available after you are done each ride). Other great attractions at this park were the Kilimanjaro Safaris® Expedition where you are on an actual safari. Rhinos and Giraffes were right up beside the vehicle. And there were no shortages of animal sightings. It was a fun and bumpy ride. There is also the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail® that is a self guided walking tour with lots of aninmals. My boys also enjoyed Primeval Whirl (dd was not tall enough)

We found this park to be as fabulous as the others with a whole different vibe. There were animals everywhere you turned and many were in a natural looking setting. The countries portayed in this large park were so realistic we really felt like we were in Africa and Asia. The performers singing and dancing on the brick trails and roads added to this feeling. The buildings and the food did as well. Since the animals have so much space here, we did not get a chance to see everything there. We had planned on going back another day before heading home. Other families told us they saw the entire park in a day.

Throughout the entire park you will find an animal friendly theme. People living with animals and reminders not to feed the animals. No lids on drinks and straws made from paper. It was so cool to visit. I hope to go again one day. 

This park closes earlier than the other parks as well to keep the animals on a schedule. So when we were done we headed over to Epcot and revisited some of our faves.

Have you been? Is there an animal you would love to see?


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