For the love of Horses

As a little girl growing up I dreamed of one day owning my own horse. Riding through the trails out back of my house and just being free. It all began when my friends and I went riding one spring afternoon as preteens. It was an exciting experience I will always remember. I never ended up owning my own horse. A part of me, still dreams of one day having an acreage and having a few horses for my children and myself on it. My kids love animals so a peaceful animal like a horse would be fitting for us. 
Even though I have not owned my own horse, I have went riding a few times over the years. There are many places to go riding near where we live now. I find there is something very peaceful about riding horses, I just love it. My oldest is so in love with riding we have started to outfit her for it. She has started looking for Riding boots from Equestrianclearance. She figures she would love to look like a serious rider and be more comfortable while around the horses and barn. Many of her friends ride as well, so they go together.

The few times a month she goes riding she is usually gone for hours at a time. She says that the horses understand her and she is comfortable around them. Last time I dropped her off I noticed a few had GFS rugs on their backs. The weather has been strange and damp at night here lately, so I assume these help keep the horses temperature moderated. Being comfy and waterproof is most likely important as well. My daughter was surprised how heavy they were when she picked one up. 
We have yet to take our youngest riding. She is asking to go and has been on pony rides a few times. She is still to young to go on her own but maybe an arena setting would be good for her to start out. We will have to get her properly outfitted as well of course.

Are you a horse lover? If so how often if ever do you ride?


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