Furnishing the First apartment (or Dorm)

Last week our oldest moved out on her own. She and two roommates are sharing an apartment in the city.  Nothing fancy, but clean, safe and close to school. She is also very  close to shopping and on a bus route. This makes me happy. Not the fact that she moved out, but the fact that the conveniences of life are close by. Her moving out was an emotional time for me. My baby is leaving the nest and is a grown up. As hard  as it was, I accepted the fact and tried to help her the best I could.

We were able to get her some furniture and kitchen items from friends and family. We made sure she had a couch, dishes, pots & pans and towels. She took everything out of her room as well. Her roommates each brought stuff and together they filled their apartment. We (the parents of the three) also provided some groceries and toiletries. The last thing any parent wants is for their child to be hungry or in need. Even though we all chipped in there were a few things the kids needed to get for themselves.  Somethings they wanted new, others we just did not have. For example, curtains were needed for 4 windows. I had a bunch extra, but they did not fit. Plus it is nice to pick out  your own colours and patterns. The right style can really make a room feel perfect.

The kids also needed to pick up their own decorations. My daughter loves funky art. She alos loves bold colours and shapes. Throw pillows, rugs and decorative blankets can make own furniture look and feel new. Plus they help make a place feel more like home. I know that I keep saying kids even though they are in college, I guess it is just a habit.

The last thing my daughter needed was a new comforter. She took her old one as a back up. Extras blankets are always good to have. She just wanted something new and more, grownup. Bedding is an easy and inexpensive way to transform a room. I always love when  get a new bed set for my room. Something about it makes me feel happy 🙂

How was your first apartment? Was there something you needed but did not have when you moved out on your own?


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