Life with baby- Adjust accordingly

I am a mom to four children with a large age gap. Everything I learned with my first child 18 years ago was outdated and had to be re-adjusted by the time my second child came along 4 years later. Same thing when the third was born. When you are not a parent and you do not have little ones around, you do not have any idea what it is like. You need to pack for every possible situation you can imagine. You need to plan for emergencies and need to know where restrooms are at all times. You also want your child to look as cute as possible for all those pictures everyone is taking. Check out Baby wisp for the latest and cutest infant headbands for your little one. Not to mention microwaves if bottle feeding and change up your purse. Well I guess you do not need to change your purse if you do not mind carrying multiple bags. It was too much for me, so I found a diaper bag that I also used for a purse. It was perfect.  

Our oldest is a girl and she was potty trained unusually early. The next two were boys. They were close in age and for the most part, were quite easy during their infant years. I remember a few crazy accidents during the potty training stages. My one son hated pooping in his diaper. He knew he had to go and would not want to tell me. It was almost like he was embarrassed. So he would hide under the dining room table and pull off his diaper. He then would proceed to do his business on my floor. As you can imagine, I was not happy about this. Every time he was quiet or disappeared for a few minutes I would check under the table for him. Luckily, we were able to catch this habit and get him to start on the potty. I do not even want to think of the mess we would have had if we had not noticed what he was doing in time lol

Our youngest child was born quite a few years later than the rest of the kids. She is very independent being the youngest of four. When she was born, the other kids were old enough to help out with diaper changing. This was great as daddy never could stomach diaper duty. So I finally had the help I needed after all of these years. One day our oldest daughter put the diaper on her sister just before we were going for a long drive. I did not think to check it as she had been doing this for quite some time at this point. Well I should have. Half way to our destination our little ones bottom exploded and leaked all out the side of her diaper. All over her car seat. The smell was the first indicator but it was not long till we could see the leaky mess. We immediately pulled over and I worked on cleaning up our daughter while DH cleaned up the car seat. We had lots of paper towel and wipes in the car at this time. We were what you would call seasoned experienced parents. This means we learned the hard way to be prepared for anything and everything. 

After that I always made sure to double check diapers when my other kids helped out. Checked for tabs to be closed and no folds in the diaper. Overall we got off lucky with our children. I have heard of some crazy scary stories from other parents and am so happy to not have had it too bad. 


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