Places I want to Visit – Montreal

I have a MUST visit list, kind of a Bucket List for places I want to check out around the world. I have always loved to travel. As a mom these destinations have been fewer and fewer. But now that the kids are getting older, there is no reason why they can not tag along. Many of the destinations on my list are in Canada. I have had the opportunity to see the West Coast, The Prairies and most of Ontario. I have yet to visit our Territories, Quebec or the East Coast. I have vowed that this must change.

Montreal has been on my places to visit list for many years. When we registered  our eldest son for high school, they mentioned there would be a school trip to Montreal. I was excited and offered to volunteer as a chaperone. Well to my teen son this was not cool and he quickly asked me to withdraw my offer. I guess I can see how having your mom come along to a trip at that age is not cool.  So we will just need to plan a family visit.

Having a look around on the web I found there is so much to do. I need to figure out teh best time of year to go. Some of the great places to visit and events there, are:

  • Igloofest
  • Grand Prix Du Canada
  • Insects on Tour
  • Canadian Maple Delights

There is no doubt that this city (the second largest in Canada) has lots to see and do. Not to mention so many great places to stay. The Intercontinental hotel Montreal looks like a fabulous place to stay. Right on the heart of down town. Just walking distance to so many attractions and shopping. I think while we are there we will take in a walking tour. There is no better way to see the city in my opinion.

Have you been to Montreal? Where do you recommend I visit while there?


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