Winx Club

The WINX characters represent today’s modern girl.  Relying on their strength, smarts and teamwork, they are heroines that girls relate to.  Savvy and smart, the WINX are also playful and fashion forward. Positive messaging and girl empowerment is what the WinxClub epitomizes and their guiding principles that appeal to girls are self-expression, friendship, adventure, magic and fashion.
When trouble arises, the Winx Club transforms into beautiful fairies who use their magical powers to fight villains and save the world from evil. Each fairy has a unique power that not only helps define her as an individual, but helps her defeat villains. Also, each fairy has her own personality traits and hobbies, so there is really a character for every girl to relate to.

My daughter is starting school in September and I was not sure if she would be interested in the Winx girls. She is loving the dolls and she really enjoys the show. She wishes to go to Fairy school herself 🙂 Each doll comes with a magical membership card that unlocks exclusive content on 

Each Fairly has beautiful hair and sparkly wings. the wings pop on and off with ease. Usually my daughter watches an episode tehn replays it with her dolls. So far she does not have a favourite. She likes each one as they are all very much different. I like them as they  represent  good values for young girls. Honesty, team work and friendship to name a few.

The dolls come with a brush and shoes that we have not yet lost.  Their outfits match their wings and the entire thing is quite pretty. We look forward to many more imagination playtime with the Winx club in our home

Winx Club Fairies are available at Toys R Us


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