Cure for our Furry Friends’ Back to School Blues


I have noticed a change in my three dogs over the last week. Having our oldest move away to college and having the rest of the kids in school, they are a bit sad. Our puppy who is not yet a year is really missing our youngest when she goes off to kindergarten. He is not use to her being away for so long. And having our oldest gone, we are all adjusting to not having an extra dog walker in the house. These tips are great to help you and your pet cope with the Back to School Blues.

Books, bag and brainpower are all packed. The summer is coming to a close, and while kids are returning to school and parents are going back to work, pets are adjusting to being alone in the home again. This time of the year can be really hard on your pets. Iams would like to provide you with some helpful tips to ensure the transition is as easy as possible.

1. Skip the production – If your pet is giving you the “sad eyes” as you begin to jingle your keys and head for the door, it will be your natural instinct to shower them with love and affection to pacify their separation anxiety. However, for your pet, this only reinforces their emotional state. Instead of putting on a big show, give your pet a simple “See you later!” The same should be done when you return home.

2. Tire them out – Before heading out for the day, ensure you take your dog on a minimum of a half hour walk, depending on the breed. This will help ensure your pets aren’t antsy while alone.

3. Stimulate the mind – In the morning, instead of feeding your pet from their regular bowl try using interactive food dispensing toys, which can be found in many major pet stores. Your cat or dog will have to try and figure out how to get the food out. This will not only keep them entertained, but will tire them out for the afternoon.

4. Kitty and Doggie Daycare/Walkers – Pet day cares and dog walkers are a great alternative to keeping your pets busy and active. Whether you are hiring a walker or leaving your pet in a care center, you must make sure that you trust the people you are leaving your pet with. Do not be afraid to ask questions, check credentials and references.

5. TV and Music – Music helps calm the body and believe it or not that goes for your pets as
well. Tune the radio to a classical station and keep the volume low as dogs and cats have very sensitive ears.

6. Practice Patience – Getting over separation anxiety can be a big hurdle for you and your pet. For a while, your pet will truly believe that you are leaving forever. With proper pet parent
patience, your pet will soon regain the confidence that you will return. Practice makes perfect!

Walks are always great, but do not forgo the most important part of the day for your pet: playtime. Engage together in fun activities when you arrive back home. This will give your pet something fun to look forward to at the end of each day.

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