Puppy its time to come home

Today is a sad day

Yesterday our black lab who is not quite a year yet decided to would be fun to run out the front door when I was walking through it. My hands were full and I could not stop him. I immediately yelled for him to come back and he did. He rolled over and showed me his belly. I gave it a rub and went to grab his collar to bring him in. He jumped up and quickly darted the other direction. He ran fast and did not come when I called  him.  I walked around looking for him and calling for him. This was at about 2:00 pm. My son arrived home and he went on his bike looking for him. 
We all searched and searched on foot, on bike and by car looking for our dog. We called for him, talked to neighbours and called the animal shelters. He has ran off before but has always come back within 20 minutes. I am hoping he is back today. My gut tells me someone took  him and and will call around to see who owns him. I know this is what I would do. I felt positive that we would find him until our youngest who is his BFF said to her dad “Daddy doesn’t my puppy know I miss him and its time to come home?” That was my cracking point. I am now a blubbering mess. She woke twice looking for him last night.

This morning I made some more calls. One to our municipality office. They have issued an “All staff bulletin” So if their staff on the streets see him, they will call. I am trying to be positive that he is returned today. He has a collar but no tags. I do not want to have to tell my daughter her puppy is not coming home. 

Every once in a while she opens the door and yells, “Puppy, its time to come home!” and turns back disappointed that he doe not come running.

I am feeling a bad case of mom guilt coming on.

If he comes home we will be happy. But I will be extra careful to not let him out.

Oh and he will be visiting the vet to tame the girl chasing

After making endless phone calls to all the local services, stores and neighbours our dog was found. A couple found him walking along the highway. He was out all night. They called the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) and reported him found. We picked him up just now and he is very tired. A bit smelly and a little scratched up. My youngest is so happy  he is home she is not leaving his side.  Thank you everybody for your kind words and well wishes. 🙂 He is sleeping at my feet and glad to be back.

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