The Next Iron Chef On The Food Network

The food shows on TV have really come along way since the days of my grandma watching them. I remember them to be rather boring and prerecorded. Now they are exciting and full of personality. There is a little something for everyone. One show I particular that is a lot of fun to watch is Iron Chef on the Food Network.

A roster of acclaimed chefs return for a second chance to become a member of the Iron Chef culinary society this fall, with the premiere of The Next Iron Chef: Redemption on Sunday, November 4th. The fifth installment of this top-rated competition series also adds a few newcomers to the mix, who have had their own experiences of not quite winning the crown. The competitors are given new opportunities to prove their skills are Iron Chef worthy, while revisiting some of the memorable moments that sent them home in the past. The culinary battle-royale, hosted by Alton Brown and shot in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, tests the kitchen chops, masterful skills and fortitude of these supreme experts, and culminates with the naming of the newest Iron Chef on Sunday, December 23rd.

do you enjoy watching cooking shows? I think they are fascinating and a great way to get inspiration for my meals. Who will you be rooting for?


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