Car Reviews and Mommy blogs

The past weekend I got to spend some time with fellow bloggers and car people. I was surprised how often the question came up “I am a mom, why would they want ME to review a car?”

I have enjoyed the time I have spent with Ford during events and the loaners I have tested out. I never thought “Why me?”  I guess thinking back, I have had to explain this relationship a few times.  But usually to family and neighbours. Never to fellow online influencers. I think what I overheard Ford’s Craig Silva say explains it best. He simply responded “Do you drive?” and when she said “Yes!” He said “We want to hear from you

When I do car reviews I am me. I am a mom, a wife and a shopper. I have no idea about gas mileage or horse power or even body design from one year to the next. I do not pretend to know about these things either. I highly doubt most of my mom readers care about any of that. The things I care about, write about and hope you are interested in are simple. Does it fit all four of my kids comfortably? Is there room for a weeks worth of groceries? What about laundry baskets? If my dryer breaks I need to be able to take a load of laundry in the car. When it comes to gas, I hardly ever fill it up. I usually out in $20 and go. So often I will watch how far I can get on that 20 bucks.  And without sounding like a girl, I like the way the car looks. So sometimes I will comment about that.  I usually like to check out the price as well. Sadly enough cars do not show up in the driveway free, so price is important.

Other features I have learned to love and find hard to live without after giving the car back are

  • reverse back up cameras
  • satellite radio with voice command and my hits from the 80’s
  • built in navigation

The things that make our lives easier as moms, is what I am looking for when I am reviewing a car. I admit my car review posts do not get up on the blog all too quickly. I think it is because I am often sad had to give them back 🙂 But when they do, I include lots of pics.

So just because you don’t talk horse power and engine size, don’t feel you as a mom have nothing to contribute to a car review. I know I much rather read a car review from a fellow mom, wife, shopper etc than a car guy talking about grills.

What do you want to hear about and see in a car review?


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