For the Love of LEGO Contest


DK Celebrates LEGO and the love of creativity!
As the world’s bestselling publisher of LEGO books we want to celebrate our joy of the brick with a month-long photo contest – with a fabulous prize of an amazing collection of DK’s LEGO books worth over $200!
We want to see what creative kids ages 14 and under can make with their LEGO. Simple send us a photo and at the end of the month our Canadian LEGO Fan Builder extraordinaire Deborah Higdon ( featured in the LEGO Ideas Book ) will select a winning creation. Throughout the month we will be posting the photos on as well as on our Facebook page ( link to ) and Twitter feed @DKCanada 
Send a photo of your LEGO creation ( you can enter as many times as you like with different creations )  to us at (jpgs only, no larger than 5 mb). Please include the headline For the Love of LEGO in your email. One lucky entrant will win a DK LEGO Book collection worth over $200!
Deadline for submissions is October 31st, 2012 6 EDT

LEGO is one of those things that age does not matter. It does not matter if you are a boy or a girl. It is just fun. as you grow and your mind grows you can tackle more difficult projects. But the fun never ends. My three kids that are still home each love LEGO. my youngest daughter loves the big colourful  pieces and my boys like the smaller pieces. The sets that contain so many pieces and so many ideas they can spend hours and hours constructing something really cool. They love to create and add the extra details.

I chose the LEGO Friends book for my daughter who just started school. The book helps  her with her reading as it is geared towards beginner readers. The colourful pics are a lot of fun and the story is great for her. She enjoys this book. It is extra special as she has a LEGO set that looks very similar to the characters on the book

For my boys I chose LEGO Harry Potter that comes with a Harry Potter LEGO character. The book contains a huge amount of information about Harry Potter. This book is a lot of fun, all the pictures are of the characters in their LEGO version. If you have a LEGO fan or a Harry Potter fan in your life, this book is great for them. My other son is a bit older so he is really into building, creating and being original. The book I got him was LEGO ideas Book.  This book is for all of those people who have created all they can from their sets, maybe lost a few pieces and still want to build. This book is full of ideas and tips to help them create original LEGO sculptures and some fun easy ones too.

Check out the LEGO section of DK for a book that fits your needs and interests. Maybe you will get lucky and win some of them. Be sure to enter.


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