Have a no-gift Birthday Party


Tired of buying gifts for Birthdays that just get thrown to the side?
Why not try out the no-gift Birthday party?
Did you know saving just $25/month when your child is a toddler can result in up to $10,000 when they’re ready for college?

That’s just one coffee a week.

Here’s a winning party-planning tip: Use GradSave as a smart alternative to birthday gifting. Just create a College Savings Registry for your child at GradSave then include the link on your party invitations, Facebook, etc. Once you reach $1,000 in College Savings Gifts, as many other parents have, we will pay $100 towards the cost of the birthday party!
Everybody wins. You kickstart your College Savings, No more unneeded gifts, your child gets College savings and finally, you get $100 to help pay for the birthday party.


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