Painting the Town Red

A great night out on the town depends on two things: beautiful clothing and a fun atmosphere. It is not always easy to get both just right. However, when it does happen, it is magical.

Dinner and Dancing
Enjoying a meal with a date, significant other or friends at a fine dining restaurant with plans to hit the clubs later on does not mean a trip home in between to get changed. Men have it easy. Casual clothes, business clothes and trendy clothes often overlap. They can wear a nice pair of jeans or dress slacks with a simple button down shirt, tie and formal jacket to dinner. When it is time to move to the club, they merely have to loosen or lose the tie altogether and leave the jacket in the car or switch to another.

All of this while managing to look like a personal stylist was on hand for each leg of the evening. Women, on the other hand, have a trickier time of it. Formal dinner dresses and clubbing dresses have a lot of differences sometimes, and both are a fantastic choice for certain occasions. The hot clubs have a social dress code that vastly differs from most restaurants. It’s important to know what you’ll look best in, so find out where you’re going and dress accordingly. It’s fun to pick out the right outfit one night and a completely different one on the next.


Finding the Right Outfit
It is not any fun to stop the fun to switch into clothing appropriate for each venue. Current clubbing dresses actually make the transition easy to pull off because they are slightly less flashy than previous years’ styles. Current clubbing fashion trends have clear ‘20s flapper style and ‘60s cocktail dress inspiration. Sure, some fabrics have a gossamer-like appearance and others are slightly more metallic than one would otherwise wear to a restaurant, but in most restaurant lighting it is possible to pull them off.


Instead of wearing the usual platform stilettos encrusted with rhinestones that catch the light of every flashing light in the club, wear more subdued heels. With autumn and winter fast approaching, wear a light or heavy wool pea coat instead of the more casual wraps and shawl-style coats. Accessorize with smaller jewelry than might otherwise get worn when skipping dinner and heading straight to the club.


Fun First!
For some reason, the usual style of adult evening entertainment includes a subdued activity like dinner or a movie and a raucous activity like clubbing or barhopping. Even if engaging in less “classy” activities like gaming at an arcade, dinner at a decent restaurant and barhopping to top the evening off, there is no reason to forego a stunning look at the same time.


In less intense situations, pair classic jeans with heels and a blouse that sits somewhere between casual and formal. Many blouses designed as club wear are great for this type of outing. They add a little trendy flair while not going overboard or looking out-of-place.


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