Spend Less Than What You Have

Prepaid money cards make the challenge of living within your means a great deal easier. They provide a simple and accessible way to move cash into the places you need it to be without the risk of accruing interest and fees.

Achieve Greater Control
Using a prepaid card makes it impossible to spend more than you have. When a prepaid account is empty, you simply cannot use it until you add more funds. Prepaid credit cards combine the straightforwardness of cash with the flexibility of cards. Moneypak makes them even easier to use.
Money goes so quickly, it is often difficult for us to remember exactly how  much of it we used. Developing a system that includes a Moneypak card can prevent your spending from going beyond your control. With an ordinary credit card, it is common to lose track of charges and end up with a bigger monthly statement than expected. Keeping money for bills and expenses in an easily manageable account that will not permit you to incur overdraft or interest fees makes sense. This is what prepaid credit cards do best, and Moneypak is the most efficient way of adding money to them.

Also, with most of the pre paid debit cards you are not going to receive the outrageous monthly managing fees that you would see with using a traditional bank. With saving yourself an overdraft fee of $34 and a monthly service fee of $30 like Citibank Citigold Checking does if you don’t hold a balance of $1500 in your account monthly. You would save $360 per year just from the monthly service fee alone.

Manage Your Money with Ease
Adding a Moneypak Green Dot card to your budgeting plans is a simple two-step process. Here’s how it works: Use cash to buy the Moneypak card from a participating retailer, like WalMart, CVS, Walgreens or RiteAid. The Moneypak cards are stocked near the register by the gift cards. Like gift cards, purchasing a Moneypak card requires no identification and no forms. Pay the amount you want, and you have moved your money over to a card that lets you do more than cash can do on its own.
After you’ve bought the card, it’s very easy to transfer funds to your prepaid credit card. This money will become available immediately; there is no period of waiting for the transaction to clear.
This is a great option for any person that enjoys traveling or a parent wanting to send their children money on a weekly, bi weekly, or monthly basis. You are going to have the opportunity now to really send money quick and efficiently without the hassell of going through a lot of loop holes.
Spend Wisely
The discipline of working with a prepaid card that will not stretch beyond certain firmly defined limits, can have a positive effect on spending habits. While penalties abound with credit and debit cards, these are hidden at the time of purchase. They gang up all at once it seems, when the monthly reckoning comes. Cards with the buffer of fees and fines provide a false sense of abundance and encourage overuse. If you find you are routinely spending too much money, a prepaid card can help. It gives you a truer sense of what you really have available than the more traditional alternatives.
Add an amount to your prepaid card with Moneypak, and stick with it. Do not let yourself go beyond a designated amount of spending. Avoid those small expenses you usually don’t avoid, and examine your reaction to going without them. It may feel difficult at first, but saving money provides rewards that quickly add up. Use your prepaid card like the tool it is, and let it protect your money. In time, adhering to its budget will result in savings.


The satisfaction of living frugally feels much better than the anxiety of looming debt. A prepaid credit card can help to move anyone toward a saner and healthier level of spending.


Also, if you have an issue with budgeting, or keeping up with your checkbook like so many people do. This would be a good option for you to look into. You will never be able to go over your limit of funds that you have in your checking account and you can lose the dreadful receipts that you keep in your wallets and glove compartments of your car as well.


Taking back control over your finances takes one small simple step and that is starting off with a pre paid debit card that will make sure you stay on track with your finances and savings goals. You can now take the money that you save from overdraft fees and monthly service fees and go on that vacation you want or pay for that latte that you love to have each morning.


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